Chiaravalle Montessori recently received two accolades as a result of its strong design and dedication to green building: LEED Platinum certification from the USGBC and the 2017 A4LE John Shaw Award.

To earn LEED Platinum certification, the CannonDesign team worked closely with Chiaravalle to incorporate multiple sustainable features. These include natural daylighting throughout the building, photovoltaic panels, a green roof that efficiently manages stormwater and a geothermal system funded by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation. Photos from the award ceremony can be found here.

The John N. Shaw Award is a regional architectural design competition recognizing exceptional design as a result of collaboration with educators, students and community representatives. The new North Wing was selected for its ability to maximize a program within a limited footprint using creative stacking of assembly and classroom spaces. Noted by one jury committee as a “concentrated little jewel with multiple facets that demonstrate a strong educational vision and commitment to sustainability and architectural aesthetic,” the North Wing encourages student activity and engagement throughout existing classrooms and more collaborative spaces.

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