BisNow has written a new article detailing the multiple mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and strategic hires CannonDesign has executed over the past nine months as part of the firm’s strategic vision for the future. The moves helps grow our portfolio, market expertise, service capabilities, talent roster, and geographic presence as we seek to bolster our position for success in the design industry’s hyper-competitive future. The core moves detailed in the piece, include:

The full article can be read online. Below are key quotes from our leaders on the business evolution.

CEO Brad Lukanic on CannonDesign’s strategic vision 
“Clients today are looking toward us as their thought leaders, experts to guide them and their projects.  They’re seeking more sophisticated and holistic design solutions. CannonDesign’s five-year strategic framework focuses on proactive approaches for strengthening our client partnerships through personal and firm growth by office expansions, new hires and mergers.”

Executive Director Deb Sheehan on how national mergers and partnerships benefit local marketplace
“CannonDesign operates with a Single-Firm-Multi-Office (SFMO) methodology where we leverage the best talent globally to help each of our clients. Our longstanding commitment to this business model has made the integration of our new teammates easier and more valuable for clients. When we talk about adding FKP’s remarkable pediatric expertise, gkkworks progressive design build capabilities or Assembly’s incredible workplace portfolio – all of that expertise is immediately available to any organization we work with. Our SFMO methodology makes it easy to bring the best expertise in the firm to clients anywhere in the world.”

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