Neighborhood Stadium Design
CannonDesign’s Bob Fatovic has authored a piece on stadium design and development in Canada for the newest issue of Athletic Business. The story highlights CannonDesign’s work with key Canadian sports venues including the Richmond Olympic Oval, TD Place at Lansdowne Park and the Hamilton Soccer Stadium and how they are strategically designed to benefit their surrounding communities. From these examples, Fatovic highlights five key trends others can learn from when it comes to sports stadium design.

“Stadiums across North America may differ in seating capacity, video board size or the retractability of their roofs, but they have traditionally followed a typical model: large complexes surrounded by a sea of parking, often disconnected from their surrounding communities and cities.

Recent design trends embrace a different model, recognizing stadiums as engines for economic growth, cultural renaissance and urban development. At the center of this trend is stadium development in Canada, which in recent years has hosted leading international competitions, including the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, the 2015 Pan American and Para Pan Games and the 2015 Women’s World Cup. While there are numerous reasons for Canada’s emergence as a hotbed of international sports competitions, its successful stadium design has been an undeniable component.”

Read the full article starting on Page 34 of the Athletic Business digital issue.

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