CannonDesign’s Executive Director of Education has authored his third piece for Fast Company entitled, “The Next Hot Trend on Campus: Creating Innovation.” The piece highlights the emerging presence of learning facilities billed as “innovation + incubator + maker centers” on college campuses across the world and specifically focuses on efforts at Texas Christian University, Penn State Behrend, the University of Utah and Iowa State University. These facilities are helping universities improve student recruitment and retention, establish new partnerships and provide environments where students can explore the complex social challenges of our time.

While these facilities may share similar names, there are three specific types of innovation centers each equipped with their own benefits. The three types encompass:

  • Innovation Centers Promoting Multi-Disciplinary Learning
  • Innovation Centers Fostering Industry Partnerships
  • Innovation Centers Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Lukanic’s piece details the benefits and opportunities of each type and also offers insight into key strategic decisions academic leaders need to make as they select a relevant and powerful model that can succeed for their institution.

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