brian skripacVirtual Design & Construction (VDC) is much more than a technology conversation, according to Brian Skripac, Director of Virtual Design and Construction. It’s one that evolves both our integrated and collaborative project delivery methods, as well as team behaviors, to enable our industry to transition away from traditional two-dimensional deliverables to model-based deliverables. He says this shift, and its subsequent results, ensure greater value for all parties while achieving the goals of our clients.

Brian details the merits of VDC in a new article for Practice Management Knowledge Community, titled “The inherent value in leveraging a Virtual Design & Construction (VDC) process.” The article can be read here, with excerpts below:

Moving beyond the technology discussion
Technology can only go so far, innovation in team and process is truly what makes Building Information Modeling (BIM) successful. This new standard of care we can facilitate leverages opportunities to advance the project management, project delivery and quality standards initiative in firms similar to the work we’re doing at CannonDesign. Here, we are focused on the development of these VDC processes to achieve bottom line cost savings and drive new business opportunities.

BIM deliverables to advance project delivery models
As we embark on these new collaborative delivery models like Integrated Project Delivery, Design Assist, Design Build and Progressive Design-Build Strategies, being able to leverage a model as a deliverable becomes a strategic advantage to how teams collaborate, communicate and drive leaner processes, reducing redundancy and waste.

BIM deliverables for owners
While advancing our project delivery methods is important, we need to stay focused on the full lifecycle of the facility. BIM, in and of itself, is not the end, but rather the means to a number of potentially valuable project delivery outcomes for the Owner. This causes us to look beyond the first two or three years of the design and construction process for a facility, to understand how our work can positively affect the next thirty plus years of that building and explore the opportunity for BIM to reduce the total cost of operations/ownership.

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