A new story from Buffalo Business First highlights the steps CannonDesign has taken to diversify and strengthen its health expertise and grow new service offerings for health organizations.

The piece focuses on CannonDesign’s Health Executive Education Series, the program the firm implemented to educate key leaders and others across the firm on the impact of the Affordable Key Act and other shifting realities in the business of healthcare, and looks at how this expanded understanding is helping clients in the region including Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center and Erie County Medical Center.

CannonDesign’s Elisabeth Perreault offers strong commentary in the article that features numerous key excerpts including:

Perreault on the Idea Behind the Education Series

“There’s a limit in terms of capital and there’s a continual lessening of reimbursement and pressures on the health care industry to do more with less. So, the intent was to really make sure our leaders across the firm understand that and the shift from a treatment system to one that focuses more on preventative medicine and population health.”

On Helping Health Clients Be Successful

“We start with a visioning process with the idea to outline project goals and the hospital’s vision for the project, added Perreault. “Is it their goal to increase their catchment area and market share? Or reduce staff turnover and increase retention? We look at holistic needs, not just what’s the space and architectural needs.”

That includes how the project will fit into growth, service excellence, operational efficiency, financial stewardship and other aspects.

On Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

Locally, CannonDesign worked with Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center to help design the Golisano Center for Community Health, a new facility that will provide primary care, health management, academic research and health care job training. The center will focus on serving individuals who typically might fall between the cracks, such as people with disabilities and those with mental or behavioral health issues.

On Erie County Medical Center

Erie County Medical Center utilized CannonDesign’s advisory services last year when it began looking at emergency department operations and how best to address future demand and growth. The service also involves analyzing post-occupancy data to determine how well a division operates.

The full article can be read online but requires a subscription to the Buffalo Business First or American City Business Journals.

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