Mike TunkeyThe Buffalo News profiles Mike Tunkey in a new Q&A interview piece focused on Buffalo’s rich architecture history, trends and opportunities for the future. The interview comes on the heels of CannonDesign’s successful Buffalo Urban Futures Forum, an event that pulled together local leaders key to Buffalo’s resurgence to discuss ideas, strategies and plans for how the city can capitalize on its recent success for an even brighter future.

Mike’s full interview can be read online. Below are key excerpts:

Are you surprised by what’s been happening in Buffalo?
I have been very pleasantly surprised. I’ve been seeing it coming for a while. Even 15, 16 years ago, I would see these interesting projects where somebody was taking a risk on something and that’s a sign of something that could be a really interesting way to work in Buffalo. But the momentum now, where there were green shoots before, now it’s happening all over the city, and people are taking really creative and vastly different approaches to it.

What are the new trends in architecture happening here?
That’s a conversation we’ve been having a lot about what’s next for Buffalo. If you look at our legacy of really important buildings, for a city of our size, it’s really incredible. That all happened at the high point in our economy. That could be the mansions along Delaware or the great public buildings. That stuff went all the way up til the late ’60s, and then we had that significant decline in the economy, and you have a hard time between the 1970s and 2000 finding a significant building.

Then you had this great boom of adaptive reuse and preservation. So the open question is what new work is going to happen in our generation? Are we going to build anything that in the next generation people will come out to see?

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