Campus Rec Magazine, a publication that is a key resource for college and university recreation leaders, has published a piece from CannonDesign’s Colleen McKenna, “Expanding Your Collegiate Recreation Center? 3 Steps for Success” that highlights the fact that colleges and universities built around the turn of the 20th century continue to deal with the challenge of trying to expand and reinvigorate recreation centers never designed for expansion.

We have a track record of helping institutions strategically renovate facilities including recent efforts with the award-winning UC Boulder, Student Recreation Center and the University of Minnesota Student Recreation Center. The article on Campus Rec summarizes key steps these projects require in order to achieve success. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Step 1 – Know your resources

The first step university and campus recreation leadership should take is fully educating themselves on existing resources. Those fortunate enough to have an existing facility with available land close by should execute a facility audit of the building to fully understand its physical condition. A physical and functional analysis will bring to light any potential deficiencies, be they architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical or related to plumbing and fire protection. With this baseline assessment in hand, teams can then know for sure the full investments associated with renovation, expansion and/or building new.

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