CannonDesign was recently honored with a Special Recognition from AIA Chicago for its submission to the DEA: Unbuilt FORWARD award. It’s Planned Agriculture District (PAD), focuses on allowing the residents of West Garfield Park to purchase city-owned “dollar lots” and other sites within a new zoning district that can be developed by partners into job and training centers to encourage vertical operation of agricultural functions.

Instead of forcing higher density from an outside element, the plan encourages future density by “starting from the bottom” and allowing the PAD to be a catalyst/machine for repairing the district’s fabric. The centerpiece of the PAD plan is a central market square with greenways extending into various agriculture and light-industrial elements. These elements will all supplement district use of the site.

As stated in Chicago Architect Magazine, one juror said, “It’s a good idea for reclaiming infrastructure loss, and I appreciate bringing design and planning to a social level.” Added another, “How do you rejuvenate a part of the city without, say, putting in Starbucks? This is how.”

More details on the project can be found here for reference, and the full list of projects found here.

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