CAN1291_N22_mediumCannonDesign is featured extensively in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Campus Rec Magazine. Sports Leader Colleen McKenna offers extensive commentary in a feature story in the issue entitled, “Find Your Design Match – What to look for when selecting an architecture firm? The story highlights the key elements, factors and steps campus recreation leaders should consider when identifying and evaluating design firms their next project. The story can be read on Page 40 of the online issue and below are key excerpts.

On reviewing proposal responses

When it comes to reviewing proposals, there are a few key elements that should always be on your checklist. First is experience. McKenna explained it is beneficial to find a firm that has experience in the recreation industry. “Recreation is a mature typology now, but it has evolved,” she said. “And it continues to evolve with new programs, new operational requirements and so I would recommend looking for a firm that has done several of these building types in similar circumstances. This is not the time to hire a firm that has only done it once or twice.

On pairing up experience

If there is not a firm in your city or state with the right experience, McKenna suggested encouraging local architects to partner with other firms that have the expertise. “You might have a local firm that has done a lot of work on campus, but they have never done a sports facility, so you want to make sure they partner with another firm that has experience in this typology.”

Beyond this feature story, CannonDesign is also highlighted in several other instances of the Jan/Feb issue.

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