US InnovationTwo CannonDesign projects – the University of Utah’s Lassonde Studios and our Cook County Central Bond Court redesign – are featured in Fast Company’s  2017 United States of Innovation. The list highlights “some of the most promising projects, initiatives, and companies that are springing up in every state of the union” and features just one idea per state. The list celebrates that “people in communities across the country are taking it upon themselves to chip away at the challenges in front of them, coming up with innovative solutions that can have nationwide significance.”

The full United States of Innovation is online. Below are the excerpts highlighting Lassonde Studios and Cook County.


A more deliberative courtroom
Judges hearing bond cases have to make rapid-fire, highly consequential decisions all day long. To help them focus, the CannonDesign team in Chicago devised a new courtroom, opening later this year, that improves acoustics, minimizes distraction, and displays signage that better explains the process to defendants.


An entrepreneurial dorm
Last August, the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute at the University of Utah unveiled a 400-person dorm that functions like an incubator. Open to students of any major, the building is housing meets workspace: it supports aspiring entrepreneurs with workshops, lectures, networking events, and business-plan competitions.

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