CannonDesign Director of Compliance Paul Moskal is featured extensively in a new piece from Architect magazine on, “How Compliance Can Protect Your Firm.” The article shares insight, best practices and ideas on how design firms can build and sustain a successful compliance program. Moskal has been integral to building CannonDesign’s compliance program since joining the firm in 2014.

The full article can be read online and in Architect’s August issue. Key excerpts are below:

On evaluating risk
To determine “what factors put the firm or its employees, clients, or partners at risk. Moskal first completed a risk analysis…”There are [federal rules], there are state rules, there are local rules, there are rules for the private clients, there are different rules that apply internationally. It’s very difficult for a good architect, a good engineer, a good designer to do his or her work and be familiar with all of those rules.”

On codes of conduct and their importance
“By inculcating the compliance program, honest, and integrity into all of our business decisions, we actually bring value to our partners (and) clients. And we’ve been solicited by clients to work for them, as a consequence.”

On knowing the rules
“(In the legal world) ignorance isn’t a defense to the law. Well, it’s the same in the AE world – not knowing the rules doesn’t excuse your actions.”

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