CD+AvatarIn support of the evolving challenges and dynamic changes occurring within the health market, CannonDesign is pleased to announce a new core Health Practice leadership team with expertise and leadership spanning healthcare architecture, planning, design, clinical practice and healthcare administration.

The new core leadership team: Tonia Burnette, RA, Manuel Hernandez, MD, MBA, FACEP, CPE and Michael Pukszta, AIA reflects CannonDesign’s focus on the integration of design, clinical, operations and strategic leadership to help healthcare organizations advance their missions. This unprecedented level of integration in the health design industry positions CannonDesign to build teams with deep expertise across multiple specialties to deliver solutions calibrated to directly address the unique challenges facing health organizations.

Illustrating the core leadership team’s diverse perspectives:

  • Tonia Burnette brings over 30 years of leading programming, planning and design efforts for world-class medical institutions to her role. Tonia’s commitment to process innovation and business discipline saves time, reduces costs and drives better outcomes, while advancing care delivery models that meet the healthcare industry’s ever-changing demands.
  • Dr. Manuel Hernandez has helped hundreds of clients achieve optimal solutions in clinical strategy, operations and facility design. Beyond the benefits of offering a practicing clinician’s perspective, Hernandez uses design process and thinking overlaid with an unmatched understanding of current and future care models to drive high-performing solutions.
  • Michael Pukszta is a nationally recognized leader in healthcare design and planning, advising many of the nation’s top healthcare institutions on a broad range of topics. Mike offers critical insight into the innumerable variables that impact healthcare environments, driving the design of award-winning facilities that spur innovation and stand the test of time.

The integration represented in the health practice’s new core leadership team is reflected across the firm. Today, CannonDesign’s health team is comprised of more than 500 physicians, nurses, healthcare strategists, researchers, operational specialists, hospital administrators, LEAN and clinical experts, public health professionals, architects, interior designers and engineers.

The diversification of CannonDesign’s health team builds on the firm’s strategic response to the rapidly changing world of healthcare. Over the past several years, CannonDesign has emerged as a partner of choice for many healthcare organizations needing long-term solutions that move beyond a traditional understanding of physical asset needs. The firm is focused on continuing to partner with health organizations to explore, design and deliver leading-edge solutions that optimize performance, care delivery, user experience and sustainability to achieve successful outcomes.

“CannonDesign is the only major design firm in North America that has seamlessly integrated an expansive team across these many disciplines relative to health and design,” said Hernandez. “Our teams are delivering excellent and innovative facility and non-facility solutions for organizations ranging from 10-bed community hospitals to some of the largest health organizations around the globe. All of our efforts – how we’ve integrated our team, how we’ve expanded our service offerings – is focused on helping us best partner with health clients to create sustainable value and a solid return on investment.”

A top five global health design firm, CannonDesign is a diverse and integrated team as demonstrated by the depth and breadth of its expertise. This integration combined with the firm’s high level of subject matter and design culture will empower CannonDesign to continue to offer innovative and successful solutions for healthcare organizations in the years ahead.