flexibilityimageCEO.com has published CannonDesign’s piece on how Dingy Basements, Cluttered Garages and Startup Innovation can inspire and influence corporate office design: Dingy Basements And Cluttered Garages. How Start-Up Spaces Inspire Office Design | CEO.com

The piece highlights how some of the most innovative companies – Apple, Google, Amazon – were founded in seemingly some of the least creative spaces like garages and basements.Still, the way these unintentional workplaces allow for flexibility, creativity and work-life balance while dealing with status actually set them up for success. Below is a brief excerpt and the full article can be read online.

“One of the more appealing aspects of these garages and basements is that there are no pre-determined rules about how they should be used. The bold thinkers at the core of these companies are able to work as they see fit – they can stand for phone calls, sprawl out on a couch to decompress, hold meetings outside, or close all the doors for focused work when they’re really motivated by a new idea. The flexibility and freedom afforded by these workplaces maximizes creativity simply because there are no set rules or space parameters to work within.”

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