Meg Osman has authored a new piece for focused on how Healthy, Effective Office make CEOs lives better. The piece focuses on data from a recent report about how CEOs spend their time and then reveals how key workplace strategies can help make them live and work more effectively

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Below are key excerpts:

On How Workplaces Can Help CEOs Be Healthier

Long hours, long flights and little sleep is not the recipe for health, but that is often the reality for CEOs…so CEOs need to reap as many health benefits as possible from their time in the office. One way to do that is to design an office with multiple types of work environments that allow for movement – private areas for quiet work, communal areas with standing-height tables for quick meetings and technology-rich meeting rooms that offer the CEOs the opportunity to stand, sit or move around.

On How Workplaces Can Help CEOs Maximize Time

CEOs that work all the time have no time to waste. A well-designed workplace is geared to bring the people and department that collaborate the most together. This kind of synergy isn’t just valuable for marketing and HR, it’s also critical for the C-Suite. Keeping key contacts, departments and appropriate meeting spaces nearby can limit delays and maximize productivity for leadership.

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Workplaces Should Help CEOs Connect

When time is limited, being able to connect is critical. Organizations often think of technology as solely an IT challenge but it’s not – it’s also about design. It’s not just about work either, the report states that more than 25% of CEOs wish they could spend more time with their family. Having the appropriate mix of technology can make uploading an reviewing documents faster, sending e-mails from outside the office on the weekends easier and hopefully allow for better work-life balance.

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