Cherry Hills Village — a community on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado — recently celebrated the grand opening of its new city hall building. The 11,000-sf facility houses all city administration functions, including offices, conference rooms, equipment rooms, the city council chamber and the local municipal court.

The contemporary building replaces an outdated city hall and reflects the future of this vibrant community. The design complements the aesthetic of surrounding buildings by harnessing stone, zinc and wood-grained panels on the exterior, while using stone and beetle kill pine throughout the interiors — grounding the project firmly in Colorado. Designed to be open and transparent, extensive windows and various roof shapes were employed to allow light to permeate the structure and connect building occupants to the surrounding natural environment. During off hours, the building, which opens up to a sprawling patio and landscaped site, can double as a destination for public events.

Reflecting on the grand opening, Matt Bartels, principal in charge for the building said, “This project was such a labor of love. It is designed in direct response to the needs of Cherry Hills Village and the finished project is a testament to what communities of any size — even small community’s with small budgets — can accomplish when they come together and leverage the benefits of good design.”

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