Excited to share that both CannonDesign’s Chicago office and Flexera’s new headquarters in Chicago are included in Chicago Blue Sky’s new list of the 50 most awesome things in Chicago tech offices. Chicago Blue Sky has featured and profiled the city’s most innovative offices spaces – for start-ups and corporations, alike – and compiled this new list. Earlier in the year, both CannonDesign and Flexera were profiled at length by the publication.

Flexera’s Chicago Headquarters

The relocation of Flexera’s corporate headquarters marks a signature moment for the organization. No longer a start-up, the highly-successful company has matured into one of the top 200 software companies in the world by optimizing software investments to limit risk and cost for its more than 80,000 global customers. Learn more about Flexera’s new office space.

CannonDesign’s Chicago Office

In its design of a new workplace environment for over 200 staff in Chicago, we developed a dynamic workplace strategy for enhancing teamwork and performance that serves as a prototype for its multiple other locations around the world. The solution provides flexibility and diversity by moving all staff, regardless of rank or title, to open offices while also establishing over 20 different alternative workplace settings – including conference rooms, enclaves, and informal teaming areas – which encourage everyone to work in a manner that best suits their style and particular work needs.

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