DCI artform

Project: DCI Artform

The Chicago Tribune’s Blue Sky Innovation team has toured and profiled DCI Artform’s new Chicago office space in their online article, “DCI-Artform office has virtual reality and a touch of Modern Love.” The piece features numerous photos, quotes from company employees and bursts of information about the dynamic new office space that advances the company’s efforts to create innovative retail marketing solutions.

Our team pulled design inspiration from the home, integrating residential influences into the workplace. The cafe and meeting areas function as living spaces, allowing DCI Artform’s team members and clients feel relaxed and at ease. The cafe has a full service coffee bar and functional seating to accommodate multiple uses and work styles. Throughout the office, there are various working environments that allow employees to be flexible and use spaces that accommodate their specific functions and tasks.

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The space also featured a digital CAVE that places DCI Artform’s clients inside virtual environments to see options for future retail environments and product displays. Using high-resolution laser and stereoscopic projection and 3D computer graphics, the CAVE creates a complete sense of the client’s brand in a virtual environment.

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