Contract magazine has named Nicole Andreu, the design leader of our commercial interiors practice in New York City, as a Designer You Should Know. In the Q+A article, Contract celebrates how Nicole “puts her design chops to work for companies across the entertainment, tech, finance and professional services markets, employing a commitment to innovation and research.”

Nicole’s feature Q+A is published on page 62 of Contract’s recent issue and will also run on the publication’s website. Here’s an excerpt:

How does your background inform your design practice and approach?
Because I studied both interior design and architecture, I have an affinity for practicing both. I think they inform each other and should be considered. I’m constantly considering how individuals approach the sites as much as how they move through the spaces I create. I think design is successful when it can evoke emotion from the initial approach through the entire space.

What is unique about your overall design approach?
I don’t think I have a unique philosophy, but I believe that each project has measures of success that I try to live by. I pay attention to the details; I have a clear respect for a project’s surroundings, and I make sure they’re heavily researched; and I carefully consider the scale of each design element. I like to do a deep dive into the client and what they do. It’s exciting because we get to enter their world for a little bit.

What, in your opinion, is important in design today?
It’s really important to provide multi-functional spaces that meet the needs of changing technology. A majority of the spaces we’re designing for offices need to be flexible because team sizes change constantly. A company may look one way today, but it won’t look the same way in a year or two. Obviously, tech companies – which I’m working with the most right now – can change within six months, so I think it’s important to provide flexibility and multi-functional spaces. It’s about finding a balance between the public and private spaces.

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