A new article from Curbed Chicago profiles how CannonDesign is reimagining and repositioning Michigan Plaza’s lower level in Chicago, an area that welcomes 20,000 Chicagoans each day. Per Curbed, “The makeover not only aimed to address the dated and gloomy aesthetics, but also change how people use the space…Thanks to new seating and a pop-up cafe featuring rotating vendors, the renovated lobby will become a place where tenants and visitors can linger.  Meanwhile, the check-in desk is being reimagined as more of an inviting, concierge-like experience.”

“There’s been a paradigm shift in terms of how tall office buildings handle their lobbies,” Robert Benson explained to Curbed. “Ten, fifteen years ago the typical Class A lobby could be very beautiful and professional but also very austere. There were no places to sit. It was thought that providing seating would attract people and that was viewed as a bad thing. It’s now taken more of a hospitality direction. Instead of places you pass through, lobbies are places you can be, meet people, or get away from your office.”

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