Project: Zurich

Chicago BisNow has published a new article featuring CannonDesign’s data-driven workplace strategy approach entitled, “Exploring the Connection Between Data and Office Design.” Meg Osman contributes to the piece and points to recent work at Zurich North America and the firm’s own Chicago office as key examples.

The piece offers special focus on our data-informed design process with Zurich North America. There, more than 150 employees took part in a three-month pilot process through which they worked in a built-out test environment and could experience different office arrangements, furniture, spaces, technology, etc. and provide feedback on each aspect. Through the pilot, we were able to document a 21% increase in satisfaction with the test workplace and satisfaction with the flexibility to use different spaces during the course of a workday improved by an astounding 64%. All of this data helped us shape and design the final workplace solution that Zurich has implemented in their new HQ.

The article also does a strong job of highlighting how we leverage data-informed design throughout the entire life of a project, including the fact that, “CannonDesign will return to its clients six months after they occupy a space to conduct site reviews, survey the staff and bring workers in for focus groups. This process helps ensure the workplace is driving intended results, highlights areas for recalibration and also helps leaders ensure maximum ROI.

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