Green Design Strategies ‘No Longer Elective’

Deb Sheehan, Executive Director of CannonDesign’s Health Practice, is featured in a new piece from Becker’s Hospital Review focused on sustainable design and health facilities entitled, “Going Green 101: No Longer an Elective for Hospitals.” The story highlights how sustainable design has evolved over the last decade from a trendy idea into a mainstay in the design and construction of hospitals and other health facilities.

As Sheehan notes in the article,

We’ve seen a lot of larger health systems with healthy community initiatives in place really starting to say, ‘if we’re going to make good on our mission, we must be committed to investing in healthy buildings that steward the protection of the environment.

Throughout the Becker’s piece, Sheehan continues to weigh in on the emergence of sustainable design and its impact on health organizations’ facilities, branding, energy consumption and design strategies. CannonDesign’s Sustainability Services is regularly working through many of these strategies with our healthcare clients..

Read the full Becker’s Hospital Review piece.