Campus Rec magazine has published a case study on Northern Kentucky University’s renovated and expanded student recreation center and the positive impact it’s having on the campus and its students: A New Dynamic Hub for Campus Recreation at NKU.

The student recreation center responds to NKU’s growing campus population and a resolution passed by the University’s Student Government Association. In total, the 164,000 effort significantly expands programmatic space with the inclusion of a new performance gymnasium, new natatorium, expanded cardio and weight training spaces, outdoor courts and a covered plaza, an outdoor turf field, a bouldering wall and a rejuvenated jogging track. All of these spaces combine to create a comprehensive recreation experience for all NKU students, faculty, staff and alumni.

  • The Student Rec Center attracted over a quarter million visits in its first year of operation, which is more than double the number of annual visits for the previous facility
  • The new facility has also brought back more than 1,000 alumni to campus as Campus Rec members
  • CAN1291_N46_mediumThe center hosted over 450 events in its first year, ranging from a student welcome-week to homecoming and the annual university faculty staff picnic along with area high school after proms
  • The new facility has become a focal point during campus tours and new student recruitment and orientation visits. Early signs suggest the center is paying dividends in the recruitment and retention of students
  • Early research indicates students utilizing the new campus recreation center have higher GPAs, higher retention rates and higher credit hours earned than non-users

These stats help validate that our design efforts are making a wonderful impact on the NKU community.

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