We’re thrilled to share D’Youville College has selected our firm to design its upcoming Health Professions Hub. The project will further empower D’Youville to train the healthcare workforce of the future, uniting students from each of the healthcare professions on campus to learn as a team to improve patient outcomes. The Hub will also serve as a community clinic to the underserved population of Buffalo’s West Side neighborhood.

“We are extremely excited to be working with CannonDesign on the Health Professions Hub because we are looking to drive innovative teaching, learning and ongoing training of the future face of medical staffing in order to advance the health and well-being of our community,” said D’Youville President Lorrie Clemo in the college’s announcement. “We are also dreaming big that in the neat future, we will be ready to share our impact model with the world. CannonDesign is distinctly similar in their design approach where they drive excellence and innovation and then boldly leverage that innovation to advance new futures worldwide. Together, I believe we will change the world, in Buffalo and beyond.”

Several of our team members also shared their thoughts and excitement for the project.

As a neighbor to D’Youville, Vice President at CannonDesign Peter McCarthy has a vested interest in the project.

“As a resident of Buffalo’s West Side for over 10 years, it’s amazing to see the College embark on a project with values so closely aligned with those of the community,” he said. “I’ve come to know this neighborhood as one of the most inclusive and culturally rich areas in the region, and the Hub’s central mission will serve and reflect these principles. The Connecticut Street corridor has steadily grown into an important community link and this project’s bold design aspirations will help to secure its positive magnetism.”

“D’Youville has a bold and exciting vision for the Health Professions Hub, and we couldn’t be more excited to now help bring this vision to life,” said Michael Tunkey, Principal at CannonDesign. “The project will help D’Youville better connect people, students to jobs, and its surrounding community to a brighter future. The Hub will be a transformative space for the City of Buffalo that amplifies D’Youville’s reach globally.”

“I’m inspired by D’Youville’s vision for the Health Professions Hub,” adds Swapna Sathyan, Director of Workplace Strategy Consulting and Change at CannonDesign. “The project is committed to promoting the potential within this community and address the healthcare labor market. With a focus on innovation, the Hub will be responsive to the future of healthcare delivery. D’Youville’s forward-thinking perspectives will unite the community with industry partners and promote opportunities to bring leading-edge learning, technology, and exposure from across the globe to Buffalo.”