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Entrepreneur has published Meg Osman‘s new article, “3 Trends from the Leading Edge of Workplace Design.” The piece – the third Osman has written for Entrepreneur – takes a look at some of the new ideas companies of all scales, sizes and maturity levels are advancing in their workplaces to maximize ROI. It looks specifically at our efforts with DCI Artform, Clorox, Southwest General Health, Texas Christian University and Malcolm X College and reveals how they’re using technology, outdoor space and multi-disciplinary collaboration to achieve their goals.

The full article can be read online and below are two key excerpts.

Use technology as a tool, not a buzzword

We all know new generations entering the workforce have relied on cell phones, GPS and tools like WhatsApp to connect their entire lives. Knowing this isn’t just an opportunity for companies to make jokes about how times have changed or to reminisce, it’s an opportunity they need to seize to strengthen their business. DCI Artform, one of the largest retail shopper marketing agencies int he world, recently opened a new office in Chicago that relies on technology to create ease of access to clients and greater visibility for its company in the region. The new workplace offers a digital CAVE environment to virtually showcase retail environments. The CAVE uses high-resolutions laser and stereoscopic projection and 3D graphics to put DCI Artform’s clients in virtual spaces where they can experience and test retail designs before they invest capital. Along with being a tool for business partners, DCI Artform’s CAVE also helps attract innovative employees drawn to the organization’s forward-thinking view of retail science.

Integrate disciplines. Empower multi-disciplinary thinking.

Organizations have been recognizing the need to integrate disciplines to spur creative thinking and innovations over recent years, but it will soon become a necessity as educational institutions continue to graduates students expecting such collaboration to be infused in an organization’s DNA. The Malcolm X College in Chicago recently opened a new school of Health Sciences that brings medical and research disciplines together to educate students that will close the gap between the current market of qualified healthcare professionals and the projected 84,000 new healthcare jobs in the region over the next decade. The facility combines a virtual hospital complete with operating and emergency rooms with nursing, radiology, respiratory care and science labs. Other features include an exercise and sports sciences area and an ambulance with EMT simulation space.

The full article can be read online here.

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