CannonDesign’s Environmental Awareness Week (EAW), a program that highlights the firm’s constant commitment to sustainability, has received strong praise from BUILTWORLDS. A new article from the online media hub features EAW and CannonDesign’s Marion Lawson extensively. This year’s EAW featured firm wide key note presentations from Prof. Lance Jay Brown, FAIA, of the City of College of New York’s School of Architecture; Prof. Vivian Loftness, FAIA, LEED AP, of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture and Michael Harcourt, former Premier of British Columbia and currently chairman of the Quality Urban Energy Systems for Tomorrow (QUEST).
The article is worth a full read online. Below are key excerpts.

Environmental Awareness Week

Marion Lawson on how EAW Distinguishes CannonDesign

EAW does distinguish us among other A/E firms because we were the first that I know of to put on an event like this, and at this scale. Since we started our program, other firms have asked us about it and then emulated the event on their own. But it’s also important internally because it gives us a focused week to celebrate sustainability and give staff a chance to further get engaged in the topic.

ON EAW’s Net-Zero Cost and Community Contributions

Lawson is particularly proud that the week-long event draws five-tiers of 70 sponsors. The sponsorship dollars help fund the EAW program and all money left over is donated to international and local not-for-profits. As a result, over the last three years, CannonDesign and its EAW sponsors have donated between $25K-$33K per year.
“The impact of the week goes far beyond educating our staff,” says Lawson. “It reflects our commitment to sustainability and the role it plays in the architecture and engineering industry.”

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