ATStillEQ STL has published a new piece written by CannonDesign titled, “From Simulation to Holographics: How St. Louis can Educate the Next Generation of Health Professionals,” focused on strategies for using technologies like VR, holographics and simulation to better prepare students for health sciences careers. The piece recognizes that “there’s a big difference between reading about how to surgically remove someone’s tooth and actually picking up a forceps and extracting one,” and then offers glimpses into how Missouri State University, A.T. Still University, Malcolm X College and others are bridging that learning gap.

The full article is available online and below is a brief excerpt.

On being focused with technology
While certain simulation spaces and tools can be general – think of all the different ways a high-tech, responsive mannequin can educate students – others thrive on their focus. At A.T. Still University’s School for Dentistry and Interprofessional Education Instruction, they offer dental students high-tech mannequin heads where they can practice tooth extraction, cavity filling, routine cleanings and other key dental procedures. While a simulation set of teeth many not have diverse value, it’s a critical testing ground for dental students.

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