Fast Company has published a new story – This mobile lactation pod isn’t as crazy as it sounds – to help us unveil concepts for Sona, a new breakthrough mobile lactation pod for working mothers. As the story points out, “just because lactation rooms became an architectural requirement for companies with more than 50 employees with the passage of the Affordable Care Act doesn’t mean they’re well designed. Many working women are still forced to pump in closets, shower stalls, and multipurpose rooms, which can send the message that being a professional is not compatible with being a mother”


Taking into account the often taboo nature of “pumping” at work, our team developed Sona as an experience-driven, mobile pod to meet and exceed the needs of women who choose to pump. Sona is a champion for equity in the workplace by allowing women to express breast milk when and where they please, without sacrificing privacy or sanitation. Sona is currently in the process of being submitted to Amp – CannonDesign’s in-house incubator focused on developing new products and services to take to market – and the team is exploring how it can be manufactured.

The full Fast Company article can be read online. Here are key details about Sona:

  • Sona is a completely mobile, acoustically isolated unit that can be stationed anywhere within the workplace (or in airports, convention centers, public parks, etc.). Equipped with a comfortable soft lounge seat, integrated refrigerated storage for milk, UV sterilization cubbies for pump equipment, and a low-profile wash sink for convenience, Sona is a dedicated, comprehensive private space exclusively for new mothers.
  • The pod’s interior environment is 100% user-defined. By interfacing with an integrated smart screen on the pod’s interior, women can control a range of atmospheric conditions within, including lighting, temperature, sound and visuals, as well as massage functions and seat recline. This allows new mothers to select whether they want a fully immersive, meditative experience or one that enables continued and seamless work (e-mails, conference calls). The result is a curated experience designed for breastfeeding mothers.
  • Sona’s form and feel enables new mothers to efficiently and effectively express milk without sacrificing sophistication or self-confidence. The pod is an enclosable, standalone unit, scaled to achieve mobility as well as intimacy and comfort. The pod’s exterior hard shell is thick enough to accommodate integrated storage, pocket doors, power and plumbing for a concealed sink. Compact refrigeration units located within the wall are accessible from inside and outside the pod for maximum convenience.

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