Sleeping Pods profiled

GizMag, an online publication focused on technology and innovation, has profiled the Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign and the sleeping pods they’ve created for Lassonde Studios at the University of Utah. Ready by more than 5 million people each month, GizMag commented how the innovative pods will reshape the living/learning experience for students.

The custom-designed sleeping pods represent an entirely new kind of living space that will be introduced at Lassonde Studios – a new type of learning building that will merge student housing and an entrepreneurial garage. The prototype pod is 7’ x 7’ that incorporates all the furniture found in a standard single dorm room – including demountable book shelves, a full-sized bed, nightstand, closet, medicine cabinet and full-length mirror – all in a well-designed layout that is simultaneously compact and comfortable. Each pod has its own individual climate control, access to daylight and can be blocked with a privacy curtain.

Read the full GizMag piece on Lassonde Studios here.