Sports design for this year’s Pan American Games

Three key venues for this year’s Pan American Games – the Milton Velodrome, the Athletics Stadium at York University, and the Hamilton Soccer Stadium – have each earned LEED Silver certification. CannonDesign keyed design for all three venues and focused on the long-term value of the facilities to the region.

“Each of these venues is powerful and distinct in its design and also the legacy value it will have for the City of Toronto and surrounding communities,” said Robert Fatovic.

We believe athletes, spectators and community members will have memorable experience at these venues this summer and beyond.

Milton Velodrome

Embedded in the Milton Velodrome’s design is space flexibility, which allows for simultaneous utilization of the complex. Three infield gymnasium courts can be occupied even when cyclists are circle the track in most instances.

Beyond cycling, the velodrome can host variety of activities ranging from basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, to walking and jogging. The multi-use velodrome ensures its future operation as a sustainable facility that will meet the recreation needs of Milton’s growing population.

Hamilton Soccer Stadium

In addition to serving as the Pan Am Soccer venue, The Hamilton Soccer stadium serves as a flexible “neighbourhood stadium” capable of hosting professional and amateur sports, cultural events, and prestigious international competitions.

PanAm Hamilton Soccer Stadium Sports Design

Athletics Stadium at York University

The Athletics Stadium at York University boasts a 400-meter track and field space capable of hosting Olympic and other top-tier international competitions. The stadium encourages multimodal transportation with the addition of a pedestrian pathway that links to a new public transit station.

PanAm Athletics Stadium at York University Sports Design



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