Healthcare Design’s November issue features a strong look at the increased focus on “The Retailing of Healthcare” in recent years. The piece features ideas and commentary from CannonDesign’s Jocelyn Stroupe along with looks at the firm’s work with Ohio Health and St. Louis Children’s Specialty Care Center.

As the piece notes early on,

With the Affordable Care Act in place and an economy on the rise, retail and healthcare are an inseparable pair. Healthcare organizations are ramping up to improve patient experience and population health – not only by embracing preventative care and cost-conscious measures, but also by creating retail-like healthcare environments.

The full article can be read online. Here are key excerpts:

On STL Children’s Specialty Care Center

Project: St. Louis Children's Hospital

Project: St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Stroupe said of the owner’s focus for the center, “(they sought) a retail approach to design and putting it where the community need is.” The facility offers a café and safety shop for care seats and other kid-related equipment, as well as a pharmacy. It’s a nod to another expectation consumers learned in retail: clustering of similar services, which maximizes the experience for shoppers.

Stroupe added that the facility isn’t borrowing institutional branding but informing it. “It’s seen as establishing a new approach to the brand. We’re looking at what that means to the main hospital campus and how can that be infused into inpatient care and other elements of that building. We created the new identity for this brand in this outpatient facility, and now it’s informing everything they’re doing moving forward. That’s a common condition we’re seeing as it’s related to aesthetic.”

On OhioHealth, Pickerington Medical Campus

CannonDesign helped OhioHealth borrow another retail concept for its Pickerington Medical Campus. The facility offers a medical office building, diagnostics site and emergency department all-in-one, a move inspired by one-stop superstores that allow tiered shoppers to decrease time spent on the run. It’s a concept that’s catching on quickly.
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