Healthcare Design Magazine has profiled our session “Uncharted Waters: Critical Access 30 Miles At Sea,” presented at the 2017 HCD Expo + Conference. The session – presented by our director of healthcare interiors, Jocelyn Stroupe, and Boston health practice leader, Brian McKenna – highlighted Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s extraordinary design challenges and site constraints, along with the design solutions employed in response to the island’s unique culture and tight-knit community.

The full article is available online. Below are key excerpts:

Nantucket Cottage Hospital isn’t your average hospital. Located on the small island of Nantucket, Mass., it serves a population of 11,000 permanent residents while balancing a seasonal influx of 50,000 additional visitors. Its 10 inpatient beds and ED provide 90 percent of the services patients require, with transfers to larger facilities made for more specialized care.

Nantucket Cottage HospitalIt’s also cladded in well-worn wood siding dotted by residential-style window frames and appears more as a sleepy seaside escape than a healthcare facility. However, the outdated infrastructure of the 60-year-old building presents constant challenges to care delivery, inspiring a replacement project currently underway.

Jocelyn and Brian described how the exterior of the new building will be very similar to that of the existing, guided by a local historic district commission that stipulated, for example, the proportion of residential-style double-hung windows. In fact, the desire to achieve a modern/contemporary facility within a traditional setting shaped the project in multiple ways, driving the team to figure out how to deliver the familiar. “People are happy with the way things are,” Stroupe said of the island residents.

Additional design elements were incorporated with resiliency in mind, as well, recognizing the island’s location and the difficulties that can arise in accessing it or departing in poor weather conditions. Built to be “the last building standing,” McKenna noted that the replacement project includes windows that can withstand winds up to 175 miles per hour, system redundancies, rooftop mechanical, and dedicated sources of electric and water.

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