Heather Rosen, an intern architect in our New York City office, shares “5 unexpected benefits of working at a large design firm” on ArchDaily. The article goes into detail about Heather’s experience deciding between working at a small vs. large design firm, and shares some of the unplanned discoveries she made once she decided to join CannonDesign.

Below is a quick excerpt from the article. To read the article in its entirety, view it on ArchDaily.

“There will always be a debate about whether young architects should begin their careers at large of small firms. And it’s possible that, had my career taken me a different path, I’d be writing a piece with a completely different view. But, two years in, I’ve discovered a number of benefits I never considered that assure me a large firm was the right starting point for my career. These ‘hidden gems’ have shaped my experiences beyond what I could have imagined. I hope my story can help others make the right choice for them.”

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