Our Chief Technology Officer Hilda Espinal has authored a new piece for ArchDaily focused on “Five Emerging Careers in Architecture Technology to Look Out for in 2018 and Beyond.” As the piece notes, “the design community is just scratching the surface of the potential of new technologies (virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, 3D printing). Designers who recognize this and invest in building skills and expertise to maximize the use of these tools in the future will inherently become better architects, and position themselves for entirely new career paths as our profession evolves.”

The five career paths Hilda highlights include:

  • Chief Technology Officers – Individuals focused mostly on ensuring design teams are constantly implementing innovative digital design technology and refining its use.
  • Immersive Reality Modelers – Those on design teams who can create the best, most immersive virtual environments to help clients and designers.
  • Virtual Simulation Designers – Currently, the design community is mostly using VR to create environments that reflect space as it will be first built. Soon, firms will want to simulate events in these models to understand how buildings will hold up to hurricanes, how shadows will affect patients and/or how sound may impact the appeal of new apartments and countless other possibilities. Designers best at shaping these simulations will stand out.
  • Haptic Interface Designers – Before long, VR models will allow designers and clients to not just see future space, but feel it too. Understanding how haptics can enrich virtual experiences will be a key skill.
  • Data Scientist / Analyst – Design firms will hire for these roles as they seek to further catalyze performance analytics and data-driven generative design while also laying a foundation for artificial intelligent and machine learning tools.

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