Our Chief Technology Officer Hilda Espinal contributes to Architect magazine’s annual look at the technologies and business strategies that will most profoundly impact architecture in the year ahead. Hilda is one of nine leaders featured in “Nine Tech Strategies for Architects in 2019,” and focuses her prediction on the potential ahead for generative and data-driven design.

The full story can be read online. Here’s Hilda’s thoughts, excerpted:

What existing technology, product, research finding, or tech-driven practice do you believe will advance far enough to shine/make a big impact in 2019?
While generative or data-driven design is something we’ve been experimenting with for some time, we’re really only just beginning to harness its capabilities and leverage it to its full potential in our industry. 2019 will be the year generative design moves into common data environments (CDEs) and becomes a day-in, day-out democratized tool, for some aspects of design, designers and building owners use to drive exciting value. As we create more “smart” buildings with the “Internet of Things,” manage building performance, and collect more information via post-occupancy evaluations, etc., we’ll cull more data, we’ll understand more fully how our built environment is used, and we’ll be able to design more possible outputs that more precisely respond to specific needs and challenges.

The benefits of successful generative design with CDEs are inherent: better outcomes for clients and users, new design possibilities, more efficient use of space, and informed decision-making.

What is your New Year resolution as it relates to tech and architecture?
Amplifying technology democratization and integration of design and business information. These efforts fuel superior insights and design solutions for our communities.