Our Chief Technology Officer Hilda Espinal shares her thoughts on the technological advances set to reshape architecture in 2018 in a new piece from Architect magazine: The Tech to Expect in Architecture in 2018.

In the piece, Hilda shares, “Virtual experiences through simulation holds great promise. To date, architects are mostly using VR to create environments that reflect space as it will be built. However, virtual simulations will allow us to see how these environments hold up during routine and surprise events. For example, we will be able to test how hospitals endure in the face of hurricane winds, or if shadows projecting on a floor will cause patients to slip or fall. When the simulations are coupled with audio playback, we will be able to model the sound from a local community pool to assess its impact on the appeal of new apartment complexes. We are barely scratching the surface of how we can be leveraging virtual simulations.”

She also shares that CannonDesign is working on a new, truly immersive virtual reality experience for our designers and clients that counters the isolated experiences offered by most technologies available to date.

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