Holly Ragan has authored a new piece for D CEO Healthcare titled, “The Holy Grail of Healthcare: Patient Experience (And How Design Can Influence It).” The article recognizes that as providers continue their shift toward value-based and patient-centered models of care, creating remarkable patient experiences has become an even stronger competitive differentiator. Today, patients have more care options than ever before, and with non-traditional providers coming out of the woodwork, healthcare systems are in need of new approaches to create patient experiences that are second to none.

The full article can be read online. Here’s a key excerpt from the piece:

Put the patient first. All too often, healthcare spaces are designed to operate like factories. But today, patients want to work with a partner, not with an institution. One strategy that has proven successful is implementing an online check-in process that ultimately eliminates the need for physical check-in desks and introduces a more customized process that enhances patient privacy. When patients arrive, mobile greeters approach them with a tablet, confirm information, and point them in the right direction. Some healthcare systems also now employ RFID tracking technology; when patients arrive, they receive a badge that allows staff to track who they are and where they are, and personalize interactions accordingly.

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