Michael Bonomo is featured in Hospitality Design’s newest 5 Questions For interview series, in which he shares leading design trends and ideas influencing the workplace. As our Director of Global Workplace, Michael has influenced more than 10 million sf of interior environments across tech, corporate, retail and experiential spaces, including work with international companies like Bloomberg, Honeywell, Kate Spade, Time Warner, Huffington Post, Spotify and HSBC among others.

The full Q+A is available online and in print. Here’s an excerpt:

How is the workplace evolving?
“Years ago, you went to the office to work and that was it. Now we’re spending more time at work. [For our clients], we’re taking cues from residential, boutique hotels, and high-end fine dining. The best workplaces today are thinking about health, education, science, technology, and hospitality all under a sustainable and healthy mindset. The workforce today is made up of more races, genders, nationalities and backgrounds than it has ever been. This diversity fuels innovation and success, and it’s only going to grow richer in the future.”

How do you make wellness a part of every workplace?
“We let daylight and views penetrate the space and have a well-filtered air supply so people don’t get tired. A big part of it is having healthy alternatives. A lot of our clients are providing sustainable and healthy food choices that are often paid for by the employer. It’s not [only] about having a healthy culture and business, it’s about attracting and keeping top talent.”

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