“Our attitude as a firm is that we can’t separate education from work. There aren’t two different buckets for these parts of a firm. The educational component can be leveraged to foster better ideas and push the bounds more and more.” – Tim Swanson

Seeking innovative ideas for the future of its home city, Chicago Magazine recently interviewed Eric Zachrison and Tim Swanson of CannonDesign’s City Design team for a piece entitled, “How (CannonDesign’s) City Design Team Could Reshape Chicago.” The piece features thoughtful ideas from Swanson and Zachrison relative to CannonDesign’s urban design efforts in Chicago to date, ideas for the future and also references the group’s extensive work internationally.

Here is a brief excerpt and the full article can be found here.

Since joining up with Cannon Design two years ago, what has been the focus of the City Design Group in Chicago?

TIM: We’ve been partnering a lot with educational institutions. Virginia Tech has a program called Chicago Studio. It’s a one-semester intensive where four to five students leave the comfy confines of Blacksburg for a semester in Chicago. We host them, and part of the process is getting them ingrained in local conditions and community projects.

ERIC: Most recently the focus has been on the Uptown Community. There used to be a repair yard at Wilson Station, and the CTA’s $150 million rebuild of the station will push the tracks together and create two long slits of land and a big parking lot. The CTA is not in the business of sitting on vacant properties. So, what can you do with urban infill at this site? We explored reuses for this land.