As San Francisco International Airport (SFO) navigates its current $7.3 billion modernization program focused on terminal reconstruction and expansion, new parking structures, a new hotel, expanded AirTrain system and other key updates, it’s relying on progressive design-build delivery to ensure project success. In a new story with Airport Improvement News, SFO Chief Development Officer Geoff Neumayr explains why his team uses this future-focused delivery process.

“With the traditional design-bid-build process, there were compromises to avoid litigation, which means projects would be behind schedule and budget,” he explains. “It was rampant, not just in aviation, but throughout other industries too.” The newer project delivery process (progressive design-build) is structured to be an antidote for such problems. (It) offers some interesting dynamics that develop better efficiency and are changing the industry. Productivity has been lagging because of old processes.”

Praful Kulkarni, our Director of Integrated Services, expands on what differentiates the integrated process by explaining: “The progressive design-build method builds trust and collaboration between the owner, designer and construction teams. When you’re doing everything in collaboration, you’re no longer pointing fingers.”

Praful also highlighted one of the central concepts of progressive design-build later in the piece: The “big room,” a shared workspace where owners, designers and contractors can exchange ideas, make decisions and resolve problems quickly.

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