The official magazine of the International Associates for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS), has published a feature piece on the University of Southern Indiana’s (USI) Physical Activities Center and how virtual reality advanced the project design. The story begins on page 14 of the Q1 2019 issue of sb magazine.

Our team created a dynamic VR model of the USI Physical Activities Center to help project leaders, donors, coaches, and athletes experience the space before it was designed and built. The VR technology can enhance communication and assurance of outcomes in the design process, while accelerating project schedules, and reducing overall cost for organizations. VR models are emerging tools for designers that empower and strengthen projects in numerous ways.

The USI Physical Activities center is a multi-dimensional and phased effort, comprised of three distinct projects, including:

  • The introduction of a new 4,300-seat basketball arena that can also host concerts and graduation ceremonies
  • The complete expansion and renovation of the PAC to create a new building entry, kinesiology lab, extensive multi-use space, hall of fame area, training rooms and more
  • A new natatorium

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