Inc. published the online story, “How to Design a Workplace for Wellbeing: 2 Critical Factors,” featuring Follett’s new headquarters and the design strategy supporting the building.

Follett, the leading provider of technology, services and content to both K-12 schools and universities worldwide, consolidated and relocated its headquarters to transform its business and stay ahead of the constantly changing educational landscape. Focused on strengthening culture, communication and idea-sharing, Follett’s new collaborative workplace will empower the organization to succeed in its transformation.

“We organized and designed the environment to encourage communication, collaboration and community by providing a gathering space, or ‘Hub,’ in the center of each floor. Incorporating different settings in each encourages movement of staff between floors to promote Follett’s culture of innovation,” said Meg Osman, Executive Director of CannonDesign’s Corporate/Commercial practice.

The new headquarters also enhances the Follett employee experience as it provides universal access to views and natural light and promotes the belief that work should be enjoyable. To help guide Follett staff through this transition, CannonDesign worked with the company to develop and lead a change management program. The result is an environment that empowers Follett’s business transformation and reflects the aspirations “One Follett” shares as a company.

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