Interior Design profiles Assembly/CannonDesign’s work with Uber EMEA’s Amsterdam office in their May issue and online in a new piece: Uber EMEA’s Amsterdam Office Embodies the Tech Brand’s Global Ethos. The article celebrates the design of the 86,000 sf free-address workspace – a first for the company. “Uber is trying it out (in Amsterdam) before bringing it back to San Francisco, Principal Liz Guerrero says of the office. “Instead of designated workstations, the 500 staffers find their places in neighborhoods.”

Assembly/CannonDesign worked with Uber to create an international office that celebrates and embraces the diversity and culture of their global community. While still incorporating Uber’s core values, the EMEA headquarters reflects the pulse and influences of Amsterdam while highlighting different regions of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. What emerged was a fusion of colors, materials, and patterns that perfectly expresses the notion of bringing people together.

The full Interior Design article can be read online. Below are two key excerpts:

On the workplace’s organization
Divisions are according to geography, one wing per region per floor. Swaths of color assist with way-finding: blues and greens for southern and western Europe, respectively; citrus shades for Africa; reds for the Middle East. The chromatic themes are rendered via furnishings as well as in the graphics by Guerrero and team; they’re all printed on fabric and framed like contemporary art. Meanwhile, plants appear throughout, within greenhouse-esque partitions.

On space and culture
The open office areas encourage staffers to wander about and change positions during the day. “They’re all super-friendly,” Guerrero says of the workforce, a mix of Dutch and expats. Lounges and communal oak tables beckon collaboration. Along corridors, the same wood lines the seating filling niches for more individual work. Phone rooms offer complete privacy.