Kaiser Permanente’s new Kraemer Medical Center has been recognized with an ENR Southern California Best Project award for Health Care. The building is the only new health project in Southern California to receive the top award, which recognizes a building for design innovation, aesthetic quality and construction craftsmanship. The medical center will be profiled in the December issue of ENR California.

Project: Kaiser Permanente Kraemer Radiation Oncology Center

Project: Kaiser Permanente Kraemer Radiation Oncology Center

Designed by the Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign, the atypical building brings the medical center’s radiation therapy services—services that are typically housed below ground to accommodate heavy equipment and to shield radiation—above ground and into the light.

The single-story building houses three linear accelerators, CT imaging, exam rooms, physician offices, and support spaces for caregivers and patients. Besides creating a good working environment, light and nature make crucial contributions to the healing process, both physically and psychologically. Patients are soothed by the fritted image of the forest and the actual landscape that’s glimpsed beyond, including a Zen garden and a living wall of lush plantings.

According to the October 2015 Contract cover story on the Kraemer Medical Center, writer Michael Webb notes,

Architecture always adds value: Here it offers a transformative experience.

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