Kristin Ledet, our Houston Office Practice Leader, is profiled in a new feature Q+A with the Houston Business Journal. In the article, Ledet shares updates on current projects with Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston-Clear Lake, and University of Texas Medical Branch while also offering updates on the success of the FKP/CannonDesign mergers, new service lines and opportunities for the future.

The full article is available online for subscribers. Here are key excerpts:

What are your plans for the coming years?
We have very strong business plans to grow each market. Here in Houston, we’re focusing on the healthcare market — the pediatrics market for the entire firm is based here in Houston. We also want to grow our education and science and technology markets. We have the aspiration and expectation to double in size due to the additional services. We have a bigger reach for all of Cannon here in Houston, because they never had a Texas location. It’s a full growth and entrepreneurial roadmap.

What are some upcoming projects you have planned?
We just finished and completed a lot of work on Texas Children’s Hospital. That’s been our longest client relationship here locally. We expanded its Legacy Tower, which just opened. We just opened the University of Houston-Clear Lake STEM building. We were actually nominated for a lot of Landmark Awards. We’re doing a considerable amount of work for the University of Texas Medical Branch. We’re also doing work at the League City Campus, which is under construction.

How did you feel when FKP/CannonDesign got recognized for that work?
It was wonderful, especially because we got to share our story of not just the architecture of the building, but the transformation that has happened in the service line to build that hospital or education building. We’re helping our community by placing more pediatric service lines for the northern side of Houston or developing the women’s program for Texas Children’s Hospital. It’s a true honor to be nominated and to help develop these buildings.

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