How leading healthcare organizations are putting staff satisfaction front and center

Organizations with great healthcare staffTonia Burnette and Michael Pukszta, Health Practice leaders at CannonDesign and Mary Johnson, Chief Operating Officer of University Minnesota Physicians, are featured in a recent Becker’s Hospital Review article discussing the attributes of great staff environments in healthcare. The three discussed the renewed focus on creating great places to work, design features that can positively influence staff, and how staff spaces can improve care delivery.

On the Renewed Focus on Staff Environments
Pukszta noted the growing emphasis on improving the patient experience, sharing “It used to be all about creating a positive patient environment. That is still a priority, but now a focus on staff is included in design.”

“As leaders, it’s our responsibility to make sure our staff has a good experience at work,” added Mary Johnson. “We value our employees, and we want to create an environment that they enjoy and where they can do their best work. Part of being a good leader is providing your employees with the tools and resources they need.”

On Staff Amenities That Make a Difference
Pukszta shared that things as simple as the size of patient rooms, the proximity of resources, and the number and layout of touchdown areas — shared spaces where clinicians can work when they are not meeting with patients — can really add to overall work quality and experience.

Organizations with great healthcare staff“Breaks during the workday are brief — employees may not have time to go for a walk, but one thing we’ve done is build outdoor balconies and gardens dedicated to staff right outside of their lounges to help increase access to daylight and fresh air,” added Burnette. The open-air balconies dedicated to staff working on patient floors at Southwest General Hospital (pictured at left) provide a great example of this concept.

On Helping Staff Improve Care Delivery
The new spacious, flexible collaboration space that connects to all of the clinic’s specialty areas at the new M Health Clinics and Surgery Center is referenced as a strategy for allowing subspecialists to access one another as quickly and easily as possible.

“One of the most common comments we’ve received from providers is how impressed they were with how easily they can walk from one collaboration space to another to consult with each other,” stated Johnson.

“We’ve learned lessons from contemporary workplace environments — from offices such as Facebook and Google. Both employees and technology are mobile. People enjoy having the ability to collaborate and work in different zones,” added Pukszta

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