A new Los Angeles Business Journal news roundup highlights Cedars Sinai OR 360 and credits CannonDesign for the creative design of a “surgical simulation laboratory to speed up trauma care during the critical first hour of emergency response when every second counts.” As the article describes, designers and “researchers configured the “operating room of the future” with movable walls and equipment so they could tune out any disruptions during surgery.”

Cedars Sinai OR 360 was previously profiled by Wired and was named a finalist for a Fast Company Innovation by Design award. The design draws on techniques used in theater design to create a highly adaptive space that can be easily reconfigured. Ceiling equipment is moveable, walls are both movable and demountable, and pieces of equipment are attached to ceiling tracks that pivot around surgical teams. The space is dedicated to improving outcomes in trauma patients during the “golden hour” – the first hour of emergency medical treatment, when swift care is most critical to survival.

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