Brad LukanicIn the weeks since CannonDesign’s Board of Directors unanimously selected Bradley Lukanic, AIA, to lead the global firm as its chief executive officer, Lukanic has been featured extensively by key media including Architect, New York BisNow, Crain’s New York and Business First of Buffaloamong others. These pieces have not only highlighted Lukanic’s new role, but also allowed him to offer his thoughts and ideas on the future of design and key goals for the firm moving forward.

The full articles can be viewed online, below are key excerpts:

In Architect, on the biggest priorities/opportunities for CannonDesign in the next few years

There is a tremendous amount of change going on in the world right now, and part of it is how much disruption is going to be happening over the next five years with the Internet of Things. Some might think that the architecture and engineering profession doesn’t have a role to play in that, but I think we can be partners of that change as it happens – from how we deliver buildings and projects, to how we shape the environments for our clients and for those who engage in our buildings.

Additionally, there is expected to be a decline in the number of licensed professionals going forward. And so, it’s an interesting moment for the profession to think of new ways to design and deliver projects with, in some ways, a shrinking of the workforce. One thing we are working on is design-led construction. Two years ago, we purchased a firm with a design-led construction component in which the architecture and engineering firm is a true partner with the contractors, allowing for the integrated delivery of buildings and projects. We’re starting to see some of the results of that partnership now.

In New York BisNow, on investing in cities

I think the reconnection and reinvestment in urban environments is critical, as they’re growing, and will only continue to grow, as people move away from suburbs and back into the cities. In New York City, we’re doing a new residence hall at Pratt University in Brooklyn, medical facilities for the leading healthcare institutions and the NYMEX electronic trading center. We were also jst selected to repurpose and reimagine three of the NYC Public Library’s Carnegie branches.

In Architect, on priorities for the longer term – the next five 10, 15 years

The priority is to begin to leverage the virtual design component and technology in how we work. As we become more integrated with the cloud, we can share information and complex modeling between our offices, between our people and also with our clients in real-time. The second part of it is augmented reality, through which additional information shapes the experience of how you move through a space. We’re also starting to think about new ways of delivering projects together with our clients, whether it’s through alternative delivery or through alternative financing.

In Buffalo Business First, on constant change in the industry

“I don’t take my new position lightly. The design world is constantly evolving. Innovation is absolutely necessary in our profession. I hope I can be the type of CEO who leads through innovative changes…(and) I can not wait to begin.”

In Architect, on building relationships with students

It’s a good time for our profession to have stronger relationships with schools of architecture, both in terms of the training of architects and also the linkages between how people think critically, and how that can translate into the professional environment. Some of the best architects in our firm today are new, energetic graduates that are looking at solving topics on sustainability, habitability, that are challenging conventional ways of designing and thinking. The younger generation is challenging the status quo, and it’s positioning the profession well for the future.

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