CannonDesign’s Mark Hirons has authored a new piece for entitled “Why Every Leader Should Make Workplace Wellbeing a Priority,” offering ideas and strategies for strengthening wellness cultures within organizations. The piece recognizes that employee health is critical to helping organizations achieve business objectives and effectively recruit and retain talent.

The article explores key themes including aligning building strategies with human health factors, encouraging movement in the workplace, selecting healthy materials and addressing mental health. Below are key excerpts and the full article can be read here.

On Human Health Factors and Design
The evolution of current building standards has been influenced recently by sustainability with limited focus on human health and wellbeing. There are organizations – like the International WELL Building Institute – emerging that are set to change that with work to elevate human health and comfort to the forefront of building practices and reinvent physical environments that are not only better for the planet – but also for people.

On Workplace Flexibility
Incorporating enclaves, collaboration zones, team rooms, lounges and quiet spaces help people feel safe and comfortable in their work environment ultimately leading to increased productivity. Without this range of options, employees often feel uncomfortable and unable to perform critical tasks relative to their work. It is critical for leadership to recognize the spaces they provide strengthen the professional experience for employees reflecting higher employee engagement and retention.

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