Project: Lockton

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) has featured Mark Hirons in a new story on designing for happiness in the workplace titled, “The Happiness Principle” in its most recent issue of Perspective, their award-winning design journal. Perspective seeks to advance the latest interior design thought leadership across the industry and design profession.

In the article, Hirons shares a number of design trends and real-world examples of designing for workplace happiness. Below are excerpts of a few key trends and the full article can be read on pages 16-23 of Perspective.

On designing for connections

When CannonDesign instituted a redesign of insurance firm Lockton’s Chicago offices, it sought to reinforce the company’s collegial atmosphere with personal, comfortable, casual spaces, including a lounge and bar area. “It affords individuals a way to better connect and build relationships and celebrate their unique culture.”

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On combating isolation

Software developers often work in isolation. To counter that solitude and create a space for collaboration, CannonDesign created one open, communal space for employees at Flexera Software. The center space serves as the nucleus for social engagement and events, essentially bringing everyone together.

On designing for breaks

Translating the idea of workday “breaks” into interior design, Follett received sporadic visual breaks – at the landing of a stairwell, in private seating areas, and through a wall-length image of an aspen grove. “The concept of destination planning was incorporated and fostered interactivity between individuals from different floors using the various different settings, from the “cloud” IT zone, a resource hive, a forum to hold discussions, and a large cafe space.

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